Alexa Vega Measurements, Height and Weight

Alexa Vega belongs to multitalented celebrity in United States. She proves her capability in acting, singing and playing piano. She began popular since she played a role in Spy Kids as Carmen Cortez.  The girl born in Miami on 27 August 1988 has pretty face and nice body that surely influences her popularity in Hollywood.

Alexa Vega Measurements 81-63.5-81

Alexa Vega Measurements 81-63.5-81

As an actress, her profile including body measurement could be interesting subject to discuss. Alexa Vega grows in standard height, 155 cm. The twenty five years old girl who marries to Carlos Pena must be proud of her proportional measurement in 81-63.5-81 cm.

As actress, pianist and singer, Alexa Vega needs to maintain her appearance to be attractive. One of the ways to enhance her good appearance is controlling her weight in 48 kg that is appropriate to her figure size. Shoe size and dress size must be compatible with her posture. Most appropriate dress size for her is 4 while the shoe size is 7. But recently there is a rumor about Alexa Vega’s breast implant. Many people assume that she has plastic surgery to increase breast size. Until now this is still controversy since there is no statement of the pretty actress to declare the truth.

When Julie (Alexa Vega) invites her best friends, Hannah (Mika Boorem), Yancy (Kallie Flynn Childress) and Farrah (Scout Taylor-Compton), to her house for a sleepover party to celebrate the end of junior high, she thinks it will be just another night with the girls. But, when the most popular girls in school challenge them to an all-night scavenger hunt, Julie and her pals sneak out of the house and hit the town. To prove that they’re part of the in-crowd, the girls will have to outsmart an imcompetnent security guard (Steve Carell), dodge Julie’s mom (Jane Lynch) at a night club and steal a pair of boxers from the cutest boy in school (Sean Faris). Directed by Joe Nussbaum. With Sara Paxton, Brie Larson and Sam Huntington. Categories: Comedy. Year: 2004.

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