Mickie James Bra Size

Sexy body is not only owned by the famous actress, as a proof is American wrestler Mickie James who has a sexy body like an actress or model. She is not only known as a wrestler, but as a singer at all. Every woman saw her that would feel so envy with her breast size, is about 36.

Mickie James Bra Size is 36D

Mickie James Bra Size is 36D

Moreover, Mickie wear D cup for her bra size that is very fantastic size to entire women. This wrestler has been trained the regular exercise to keep her physical condition. It is not wrong if she has a pretty slim waist, which is 24 inches. In addition, her hip can be said to suite as the support of her sexiness, which is 36 inches. This reason becomes Mickie as one of the women who is categorized hourglass body. Big breast size is not seen too much when combined to body weight that is only 56 kg.

Many people do not believe in the natural breast size that is owned by Mickie James. Although she was never confirm about breast implant or breast augmentation, public can judge the truth of this. Sometimes ago, the news spread around the rupture of Mickie’s breast implants. This was confirmed by PWInsider, even they said this problem will be fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this beautiful woman was not too confident with her ​​natural breasts. She decided to have a breast implant. Rupture one of her breast implants will certainly affect Mickie’s appearance in public. Even her healthy can be in dangerous situation.

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