Denise Milani Breast Implants, Bra Size, Measurements, Height and weight

Denise Milani, a hot model who likes glamorous fashion style is known as sex symbol. All men must be acquainted with her since she often appears in sexy poses. Many of them are curious about her body measurements, especially her breast size. The pretty girl who was simply born on 24 april, 1976 has perfect body with measurements 40-20-34 inches. Her hourglass shaped body is characterized with slim waist, wide hips and big bust.

Denise Milani Measurements are 40-20-34

Denise Milani Measurements are 40-20-34

Denise milani, the attractive model with sexy bust and buttocks shows her most appealing poses in swimsuit and lingerie. However, Milani never gets naked during she becomes a model. From her photos, we are able to see nice boobs in 40 inches. 34DDD sized bra that she wears match her big breasts. Actually, her over sized boobs are not proportional with her body measurement. She gets breast implants to improve her sex appeal.
To keep up her perfect body shape, Milani prioritizes healthy life style and does fitness regularly. The cute model which used to join sports by brooks isn’t tall enough. She is petite with only 163 cm height. By doing exercise she will get ideal weight in 52 kg that complements her 163 cm height.

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