Dawn Wells Bra Size, Height, Weight & Measurements

Dawn Wells Bra Size Height Weight Measurements

Dawn Wells Bra Size Height Weight Measurements

Dawn Wells is a senior actress from America. This famous actress is known for her role as “Mary Ann Summers” in “Gillingan’s Island”. She has great career in her time (1961-present). This hot actress who was born on October 18, 1938 has small body measurements with slim waist. Dawn measurements are 33-22-34 and her bra size is 32A. Of course it is a small boob size for women.

Dawn has a body size that is less good as an actress, because at the time breast implant is not known well yet for public even some actresses. But, her appearance covered for her height 163cm and her weight 48kg that makes her body look hot.

Check the Video: Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island

Ginger or Mary Ann? Well, at least for one day, The Rush settled this longstanding question as Fiona Forbes hosted TV icon Dawn Wells recently. Wells, who played the perky Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, was in Vancouver for the annual boat show.

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