Coco Austin Breast Implants, Bra Size & Measurements

Coco Austin belongs to sexiest model who has just married to Ice T. Why is people attracted to her is not her achievement in acting career but her attractive body measurements. She used to be a hot model who posed in lingerie or swimsuit for Playboy. Her body measurements 39-23-40 inches reflect adorable figure for women. All people should be tempted looking her perfect waist, big hips and big boobs. The glamorous model showcases her boobs in bikini because her boobs are most attractive part to mesmerize anyone.

Coco Austin Bra Size is 34DD

Coco Austin Bra Size is 34DD

Coco Austin often poses in sexy outfit that exposes her bust. It certainly drives everyone curious whether her big boobs are natural or not. Apparently, she gets boob job to enlarge her bust dramatically. The glamorous model looks appealing with fake boobs in 39 inches. Of course, she needs to replace her bra size too after she gets boob job. 34DD sized bra is quite compatible for her large boobs.
Being a model, coco Austin is forced to prioritize nice appearance. She takes not merely boob job but additionally butt augmentation to makes her appearance sexier. Buttock implants that she does make perfect her hourglass figure with flat belly and big breasts. The hot actress with height 157 cm and ideal weight 59 kg seems confident with oversized bust and butt. However, public thinks that her butt and breast implants are not proportional on her behalf figure.
Give your opinion about her big boobs! Amazing size!

Coco Austin Flashes BOOBS in Public [VIDEO]

Coco Austin would be the first person to admit that she is an exhibitionist. No wonder it wasn’t a surprise for us when she flashed her boobs on the street in sub zero temperature in New York. we guess that’s her way to say happy VALENTINES day isn’t it.. A special treat to her fans we must say.

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