Angelina Jolie Measurements and Bra Size

The news has spread out widely that Angelina Jolie had double mastectomy (breast removal) surgery to decrease her risk of breast cancer. Her mother and grand mother died because of breast and ovarian cancer so it can’t be denied that she has genetic issues for cancer. Thus, unlike any other celebs, she decided to remove it which it’s means remove chances for breast cancer. .

Angelina Jolie measurements are 36C – 27 – 36

Angelina Jolie measurements are 36C – 27 – 36

When she was starring Tomb Raider for years her measurements are 36C – 27 – 36 and after her double mastectomy surgery she has 34D cup size. Her left breast is the one that risky to have breast cancer and her right breast is healthy. However, she thinks it’s not safe to keep it that way. She previously never had any breast implants. Her wonderful body measurements are all natural including her sexy well known lips. Her life experience is worth learning to realize that she chose healthy life and that she doesn’t need to compete in tight competitions of celebrity circus.

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After learning of a latent genetic defect in her DNA Angelina Jolie opts to habe a double mastectomy to reduce her chance of contracting both Breast and Ovarian Cancer so she can stay alive for her kids.

Angelina Jolie has made her first red carpet appearance since revealing she has had a double mastectomy.
She joined her fiance Brad Pitt at the London premiere of his new film World War Z.
Jolie thanked him for his support, and spoke about how pleased she is that the important issue of women’s health was now being discussed more.
The actress revealed last month that she had had her breasts removed after discovering she has an inherited genetic mutation that puts her at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer, Sky News informs.
Jolie’s mother Marcheline Bertrand died from ovarian cancer at 56, and the actress’ aunt died of breast cancer last month.
Her aunt’s funeral was taking place in California while she signed autographs in London to help promote World War Z.
The decision to miss the funeral and be at the premiere was a show of support and reciprocal love for the man who has stood by her through this difficult year and with whom she has six children.
Wearing a backless, full-length, black gown, few could believe quite how glamorous and relaxed Ms Jolie looked, just weeks after enduring such major surgery, Sky News reports.
Many have praised Jolie for making the prospect of cancer less frightening, following her touching and eloquent editorial in the New York Times about the decision to undergo a double mastectomy.
Her chances of developing the disease have fallen from 87% to 5% as a result of the procedure.
World War Z is released on June 21.

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